Tips for Optimal Immunity

As we approach the winter months, we enter the cold and flu season and you may wonder if your immune system is capable of defending your body against bacteria and viruses.Here are a few tips from our naturopathic doctor on how to keep your immune system healthy and strong:

1. Increase your intake of foods that contain nutrients that are used by the immune system (e.g. vitamins A, E, C and B, selenium, zinc and essential fatty acids…)

2. Eat more garlic

3. Avoid foods you are allergic to

4. Reduce your stress

5. Get a good nights sleep regularly

6. Breast feeding your child will give help their immunity.

7. Avoid exposure to heavy metals, pesticides and organic solvents.

In certain cases, the body may be too compromised or depleted to support healthy immune function and may need added support from certain vitamins, minerals, and herbs for a period of time. There are countless natural therapies available that increase resistance to infection, increase the formation and function of white blood cells, and help boost immunity in general.

Consult with your naturopathic doctor before starting any supplement protocol to avoid any possible interactions with any prescription drugs that you are currently taking.