Healthy Weight Loss: 9 Pillars

Is it true that that certain genes influence responses to high-calorie foods and are to blame for obesity? To some degree, yes. That is bad news for those of us struggling to lose weight. Does it mean we can’t lose weight and keep it off? No.

The theory is that certain genetic variants increase the brain’s responses to particular foods, prompting you to eat more of them than others would. People with these variants may experience more cravings than the average person when presented with high-calorie foods.

Each of the nine pillars represents a fundamental insight into sustainable weight. If any weight loss strategy is to be successful, it must evolve beyond the conventional cliché that weight loss only requires a reduction in food consumption. Instead, successful weight management requires a paradigm that acknowledges the multifactorial nature of obesity.

The Nine Pillars of Successful Weight Loss that should not be overlooked if healthy weight management is to be achieved are:

  • Restore insulin sensitivity

  • Restore youthful hormone balance

  • Control rate of carbohydrate absorption

  • Increasephysicalactivity

  • Restore Brain Serotonin/Suppress Hunger Signals

  • Restore resting energy expenditure rate

  • Restore healthy adipocyte (fat cell) signaling

  • Inhibit the lipase enzyme

  • Eat to live a long and healthy life

    This protocol will detail the biological underpinnings of obesity and weight gain. Consideration has to be given to each pillar of successful weight loss in the context of obesity risk factors in order to highlight the inadequacies of typical weight loss strategies. Methods of utilizing novel natural compounds and strategically incorporating a personal dietary plan to support critical metabolic factors for long-term weight management.

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